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Its been about a week since the team arrived back in Toronto from our fun filled adventure in Cleveland, Ohio. We had a very successful 3 day run of our still in development show Configurations of a Divine Bitch. The show was received with tears and laughter from the very lovely and supportive audiences in Cleveland. Some audience reaction highlights: 

“I was absolutely captivated throughout its entirety. Not only was it bold and self-aware when delving into current social issues, it created an inclusive and welcoming space for the audience. I was moved to tears by the choreography, the prop design, sound production, and lights, how it all blended together to mirror a collective of personal truths and realities. The PC language regarding gender inclusivity was pretty on point as well, it was refreshing to experience work that wasn’t so cis centric! It’s been a long time since I have felt personally connected to theatrical performance like this, I’m excited to see what it evolves into!”  - A. Bahia (via email)

“It gave me hope. I wish my health class was like this – that we could just talk about our bodies” – Kaylee (13 years old, direct feedback)

The ensemble and the production team also had a blast playing summer camp for a week all bunked into a tiny house in Parma, Ohio.

All in all, it was fantastic. 

Please stay tuned to find out for when we produce the full length piece in Toronto during summer 2018.


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